Saturday, January 23, 2010

Please, please pray....

Please pray for the Baudek family and especially their little 6 year old son, Jacob. He was ill during the recent storms in Arizona and his parents packed he and his sister up in their Chevy Avalanche to take him to get medical care. They had to cross a wash and then decided it was not safe to drive because of the rains and the potential for flooding, so they turned back. Their vehicle got caught in the swiftly, ever increasing running water in the wash and was pushed downstream and they were forced out. The mom was able to get to higher ground, but the father had to stay in the truck bed, holding on to the two children and a rope a witness threw to him. After two hours, he lost his grip and tried to make it to shore with the children. The girl was able to get to safety, but the father lost his grip on his son and he was taken downstream in the swift current. This was two days ago. They don't hold much hope that little Jacob survived. I am still praying for him, that somehow he survived this ordeal and the Lord is protecting him. Please pray for his family at this time and for Jacob. They are searching again today.

His older sister is friends with my daughter and I have known her for several years. My heart was breaking when I heard this on the news, even before I knew of the personal connection. Now, my heart is heavy and drawn out in constant prayer for their peace and comfort. I cannot begin to fathom the sorrow they are feeling.

Thank you all.

(Here is the story in the Arizona Republic for any who would like to read it. It has been on the national news, as well. This would be difficult for a family at any time, but imagine the entire nation knowing your plight--hopefully this means more concentrated prayers for Jacob and the Baudek family.)


  1. this is so sad! I will be praying for them

  2. we are praying...check out it will bring you some relief...God bless.