Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Kashi frozen entree!

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom, I have a coupon on the way to me for a free Kashi frozen entree! This may have to be a solitary lunch item...or an appetizer! If I make it while all of the family is around, I will only end up with a couple of bites! They are vultures, I tell you! "Oh, mom...just ONE bite? Pleeeeeease????" I had no idea my children could unhinge their jaw for the "just one bite" method of devourment... :)

Anyhoo...click away and try one for yourself! (Hopefully not huddled in the corner of the closet so you can have a few bites before the smell wafts their way....)

My CVS Trip!!!

I love CVS!! They are so good to me and shopping the ECB's is like a game...so much fun! I was rushed for time, so the last transaction could've been done earlier, probably, but oh well. I am sure there were other ways to combine it all that would have been less out of pocket (oop). If you come up with a better scenario, let me know!!!

This is a picture of my items from CVS, minus the last trip. I'm too lazy to take another pic, download it, then post it here. I will go with the morning trip and you will have to imagine the evening trip mingling among the other buys. :)

1st Transaction:

1 Venus Embrace Razor @ $11.99
4 CVS 25 ct Cotton Rounds @ $3.96
1 CVS 36 ct Chewable Asprin @ $1.99

-$4.00 SALE Venus Embrace Razor
-$2.00 COUPON Venus Embrace Razor
-$10.00 ECB (earned last week with the Coke promotion)

Earned ECBs:
$4.00 from the Venus Embrace Razor
$4.00 from the CVS Cotton Rounds
$1.99 from the CVS Aspirin

Paid $1.94; Saved $16.00; Earned ECB $9.99

2nd Transaction:

3 Gillette Shampoos @ $17.97.

3 -$2.00 COUPONS (=-$6.00)
2 -$4.00 ECB (=-$8.00) (from last week & razor)

Earned ECBs:

$6.00 (for the Gillette Shampoos)

Spent: $3.97; Saved: $14.00; Earned ECB: $6.00

***I sooo should have used the $1.99 ECB from the aspirin, but I wasn't thinking.***

3rd Transaction:

2 CVS 25 ct Cotton Rounds @ $1.98
1 Maybelline Dream...Liquid Foundation @ $9.49

-$2.00 Coupon off any Maybelline foundation (? product ?)
-$2.00 ECB (one of the Cotton Rounds)
-$6.00 ECB (Gillette Shampoo)

Earned ECBs
$2.00 on the CVS Cotton Rounds
$5.00 on the Maybelline foundation

Spent $1.47; Saved $10.00; Earned ECBs $7.00

4th Transaction

3 Renuzit TriScents ($5.49 ea) $16.47

3 -$4.00 Renuzit TriScents (=-$12.00)
2 $2.00 ECB (=-$4.00) from the CVS Cotton Rounds

Earned ECB
$6.00 from the Renuzit TriScents

Spent $0.47; Saved $16.00; Earned ECB $6.00

TOTAL FOR TODAY....drumroll..... (I love this part...my kids just roll their eyes)

Spent (oop): $ 7.85
Saved: $56.00
Earned ECB: $28.99

Grand Total....... -$21.14 !!!!!!! It actually PAID for me to shop at CVS!
Wowsa...this is the first time I have ever written it out and it is amazing. What did you do? Can't wait to hear!


More free food---this time IHOP!!

So, if you would like some free pancakes to go along with your free tacos at Jack in the Box, mosey on over to your local IHOP where they are celebrating National Pancake Day by offering a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes on February 24th from 7 AM to 10 PM. All they ask is that you make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network.

IHOP has been celebrating National Pancake Day since 2006--and raising a lot of money for this worthwhile cause. So, let's carb up and support our local children's hospitals through the Children's Miracle Network!

Remember...it's only good today!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

FREE Jack in the Box Tacos!!!!

For those of you without Jack-in-the-Box restaurants, I mourn with you. Breakfast any time...real milk milkshakes...curly fries...Sourdough Jacks.... But, when you are in the mood, there is simply nothing better than their greasy goodness of a taco... ohhhhh yeahhhhhh. Even better when they are FREE!!! Yes, free!!! Two weeks ago we indulged in their free curly fries and now, this! Woo hoo! So, print yours out (one per person...need to use it inside, because they are limiting the coupons to one per vehicle in the drivethru) and join everyone on Tuesday, February 24th for 2 free Jack in the Box tacos!!!


Oh, and if you have time, watch some of the videos on the Hang in There Jack website. Pretty hilarious. It all started during the Superbowl when Jack made an ill-timed step off of a curb...

Let me know what you think!! (I thrive on feedback....)

Jenn in AZ

Hey, everyone!!

Okay, so I have been blogging...um...very very sporadically...on another site for a while, but decided to create a blog specifically for my couponing/freebie addiction. Thanks to my sweet niece and her blog, I may get more involved with the giveaway portion of the internet blogging universe. I was really involved with it for a while (my niece's kids were recipients of some ultra-cool winnings that my kids were too old for...), but I let it go by the wayside. So, keep a watch on future entries here for giveaway alerts!

So, what has brought me to couponing? I used to coupon a bit when my kids were in diapers...mostly just saving a few bucks here and there on baby items and other things when I remembered. Lately, however, a great friend introduced me to Coupon Sense and I have become terribly addicted!! I started major couponing in mid-October 2008 and tried to keep track of my receipts by entering them into a spreadsheet. I didn't enter all of my receipts (can't remember everything!), but with the receipts I did enter, I have saved $1,133.48 in coupons alone!!!! I have saved $2530.19 if you combine the coupons and the ad savings. WOW!! This is sooo worth it to me. And, as a bonus, it's like a GAME! I love looking for the best possible price scenerio and it is so much easier to find this with all of the helpful couponers blogging about it!! I am looking forward to linking my savings posts to their sites (my family is getting tired of guessing how much a trip to CVS saved us!). I will post links to the sites that have helped me in this, my couponing infancy. :)

So, this will be an eclectic blog...some couponing stuff, rebate finds, giveaway alerts, possibly fun & informative reviews of new products I have been able to try. Hmmmm, maybe some fun family/friend/photo stuff along the way.

I am glad you have visited my new blog. I hope to see you again soon! You'll save $$...really, you will! And you won't BELIEVE how much!

Jenn in AZ