Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey, everyone!!

Okay, so I have been very sporadically...on another site for a while, but decided to create a blog specifically for my couponing/freebie addiction. Thanks to my sweet niece and her blog, I may get more involved with the giveaway portion of the internet blogging universe. I was really involved with it for a while (my niece's kids were recipients of some ultra-cool winnings that my kids were too old for...), but I let it go by the wayside. So, keep a watch on future entries here for giveaway alerts!

So, what has brought me to couponing? I used to coupon a bit when my kids were in diapers...mostly just saving a few bucks here and there on baby items and other things when I remembered. Lately, however, a great friend introduced me to Coupon Sense and I have become terribly addicted!! I started major couponing in mid-October 2008 and tried to keep track of my receipts by entering them into a spreadsheet. I didn't enter all of my receipts (can't remember everything!), but with the receipts I did enter, I have saved $1,133.48 in coupons alone!!!! I have saved $2530.19 if you combine the coupons and the ad savings. WOW!! This is sooo worth it to me. And, as a bonus, it's like a GAME! I love looking for the best possible price scenerio and it is so much easier to find this with all of the helpful couponers blogging about it!! I am looking forward to linking my savings posts to their sites (my family is getting tired of guessing how much a trip to CVS saved us!). I will post links to the sites that have helped me in this, my couponing infancy. :)

So, this will be an eclectic blog...some couponing stuff, rebate finds, giveaway alerts, possibly fun & informative reviews of new products I have been able to try. Hmmmm, maybe some fun family/friend/photo stuff along the way.

I am glad you have visited my new blog. I hope to see you again soon! You'll save $$...really, you will! And you won't BELIEVE how much!

Jenn in AZ

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