Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My CVS Trip!!!

I love CVS!! They are so good to me and shopping the ECB's is like a game...so much fun! I was rushed for time, so the last transaction could've been done earlier, probably, but oh well. I am sure there were other ways to combine it all that would have been less out of pocket (oop). If you come up with a better scenario, let me know!!!

This is a picture of my items from CVS, minus the last trip. I'm too lazy to take another pic, download it, then post it here. I will go with the morning trip and you will have to imagine the evening trip mingling among the other buys. :)

1st Transaction:

1 Venus Embrace Razor @ $11.99
4 CVS 25 ct Cotton Rounds @ $3.96
1 CVS 36 ct Chewable Asprin @ $1.99

-$4.00 SALE Venus Embrace Razor
-$2.00 COUPON Venus Embrace Razor
-$10.00 ECB (earned last week with the Coke promotion)

Earned ECBs:
$4.00 from the Venus Embrace Razor
$4.00 from the CVS Cotton Rounds
$1.99 from the CVS Aspirin

Paid $1.94; Saved $16.00; Earned ECB $9.99

2nd Transaction:

3 Gillette Shampoos @ $17.97.

3 -$2.00 COUPONS (=-$6.00)
2 -$4.00 ECB (=-$8.00) (from last week & razor)

Earned ECBs:

$6.00 (for the Gillette Shampoos)

Spent: $3.97; Saved: $14.00; Earned ECB: $6.00

***I sooo should have used the $1.99 ECB from the aspirin, but I wasn't thinking.***

3rd Transaction:

2 CVS 25 ct Cotton Rounds @ $1.98
1 Maybelline Dream...Liquid Foundation @ $9.49

-$2.00 Coupon off any Maybelline foundation (? product ?)
-$2.00 ECB (one of the Cotton Rounds)
-$6.00 ECB (Gillette Shampoo)

Earned ECBs
$2.00 on the CVS Cotton Rounds
$5.00 on the Maybelline foundation

Spent $1.47; Saved $10.00; Earned ECBs $7.00

4th Transaction

3 Renuzit TriScents ($5.49 ea) $16.47

3 -$4.00 Renuzit TriScents (=-$12.00)
2 $2.00 ECB (=-$4.00) from the CVS Cotton Rounds

Earned ECB
$6.00 from the Renuzit TriScents

Spent $0.47; Saved $16.00; Earned ECB $6.00

TOTAL FOR TODAY....drumroll..... (I love this part...my kids just roll their eyes)

Spent (oop): $ 7.85
Saved: $56.00
Earned ECB: $28.99

Grand Total....... -$21.14 !!!!!!! It actually PAID for me to shop at CVS!
Wowsa...this is the first time I have ever written it out and it is amazing. What did you do? Can't wait to hear!


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  1. it really is awesome but, I hadn't really known how to do it until recently so I don't have any ECB's stored up. I need to get the ball rollin' so I can start saving!