Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Kashi frozen entree!

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom, I have a coupon on the way to me for a free Kashi frozen entree! This may have to be a solitary lunch item...or an appetizer! If I make it while all of the family is around, I will only end up with a couple of bites! They are vultures, I tell you! "Oh, mom...just ONE bite? Pleeeeeease????" I had no idea my children could unhinge their jaw for the "just one bite" method of devourment... :)

Anyhoo...click away and try one for yourself! (Hopefully not huddled in the corner of the closet so you can have a few bites before the smell wafts their way....)

1 comment:

  1. I tried 3 times yesterday to post about your AWESOME CVS shopping experience, but it wouldn't let me!! Hopefully this one works. I consider you my coupon mentor and hope to one day come close to saving as much money as you have. I am getting better though. Using my coupons for groceries etc and saving at least as much as I spend most of the time, if not more. I love when the total saved is more than I spent!