Thursday, June 18, 2009

A few other giveaways...

So, my kids are a little past the potty-training age, but I am pretty impressed by Huggies Pull Ups "The Potty Project" site. Lots of great tips and videos. Yeah, videos...but once you get past the discomfort (took me all of 0.3 seconds), you will love it...they are hilarious and endearing... "Relaaax...just relaaaaax...."

First, though you should check out Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls site for an awesome potty training giveaway--all that you need for pottytraining, including an ultra-flip video camcorder!

The next one is a Father's Day giveaway that ends TOMORROW (June 19th), so you need to hurry on over! Saving Cents with Sense is hosting a $100 Home Depot giftcard giveaway! I don't know of any dad who wouldn't love a gift like that! We are great Home Depot fans in our household. We rent equipment from them, too, for our fun home-improvement projects. So, check it out soon and be sure to thank me in your acceptance speech when you win. :)

This one I KNOW my kids would love, as well as my nieces, nephews, and pretty much everyone else I am acquainted with. Go Graham Go is hosting a Street Surfing: Wave LX Skateboard Giveaway! And does it ever look cool! Check it out to see if it is for you...or anyone else you know. I am sure it will match many in your circle of friends and family. AND it will encourage the kids to get away from the video games and go outside to play this summer! How great is that?!

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