Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Ever Drink From Hotel Glasses Video

We travel quite a bit and know a lot of people who spend some time in various motels. I found this video a couple of years ago, I believe, and it has changed my view on hotels/motels and not treating them as being at home. Click on this link to view the video (I don't know how to embed it into my blog if it is off the 'net. If anyone does, I would love a tutorial!)

Don't Ever Drink From Hotel Glasses Video

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My kids don't understand when I tell them to bring in their own water bottles and not to use the provided cups (occasionally we do when they are plastic, wrapped in sealed plastic). Hope this didn't offend your delicate constitution (I know it made me rather nauseous when I first saw it). Let's just be careful out there!

(Oh, and there is another one on bedbugs that I just cannot bring myself to watch yet! I itch just thinking about it!)


  1. GAG! thanks for the heads up Jenny and the stomach turn ha ha

  2. Um, YUCK!!! Can't say I'm surprised though... I am super phobic about hotel rooms.
    I wear sandals in the showers if I can, or soap and rinse my feet last and don't step on the shower floor after they're rinsed; go right out to a towel or into my sandals. lol
    AND, I usually wear long pants, socks and long sleeve shirt to bed, or bring my own blanket! =)

  3. I know, Mel, dis-gussss-ting, isn't it?

    Alesha--Woo, girl that is more than I do! I do bring my own pillow and never, NEVER use the bedspread/comforter. We don't stay at Motel 6 or Super 8 anymore either. Not that the more pricey ones make much of a difference, from this (and other) exposes.