Friday, June 19, 2009

Smells Like a Memory...and funny Funnies

I have many fond memories of my childhood. They come in little snippets, sometimes giant tsunamis that threaten to overwhelm me, but they almost always bring me joy. My husband is amazed by the things that trigger memories for me...a lot of the times it is an odor.

Hot asphalt makes me happy...I feel pure worries or cares...just excitement, anticipation, and the freedom only summer vacation can give to a child. Hot asphalt reminds me of Worlds of Fun. My friends and I (mostly Tammy...then other times it was Tricia...later, it was always Michelle, but that was Oceans of Fun...entirely different smell-reminder altogether! That would be Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil (now part of the "classic" line--I suppose that is a hint that my music is now "classic", too??)--NO sunscreens, thank you very much!--and heavy chlorine!)...okay, where was I? Oh, yes, my friends and I would secure a Worlds of Fun season pass for our Christmas present and then spend EVERY POSSIBLE MOMENT at that amusement park during the summer. We would swing it to where one parent would drop us off at opening and another set would pick us up at closing. We didn't have much spending money...we mostly shared an order of fries and a pop and that was it for the day...every day...Monday through Saturday...unless we were at the pool that day. now you understand why the hot asphalt smell ('cause amusement parks are mostly hot asphalt!) has such a pull for me. It even smells skinny! :D

Another wonderful memory I have is reading the funnies with my dad. I would climb onto his lap and point out which comic I wanted him to read. And read he did! He had the comic timing and the voices to make even a political cartoon hilarious to a 4 year old! Dad read the funnies to me even after I could read myself, because it was always more fun. He didn't care if he was in the middle of an article or work, he would make the time to read the funnies with his little girl. I still love the funnies and so do my kids. We will share the most hilarious ones--sometimes cut them out of the paper to hang on the fridge or give to the person we think it "belongs" to. I have to admit my ultimate fondness for Calvin & Hobbes. They are my favorites!

I came across two funny (by my sense of humor!) comics today in my paper and thought I would share them. They had me giggling while I waited for my daughter in QT this morning...

***Gotta click 'em to see 'em***sorry***couldn't work it out any other way***on to your regularly scheduled reading***this was a test***this was only a test***

F Minus

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

and then....

Pearls Before Swine

I can't get enough of them! :) Wifey!!! Hahahahaha! I would love to have someone do this at Panera Bread!

There was also a good Mutts one that had to do with Twitter. It was quite clever and simple, but alack alas, I cannot post it, because their site has a two week delay on comics. And with my attention span, I will forget about my intent to post it by the time I log off of this computer. Ooooo! Bright shiny object!!!

Hope you had a great guffaw & a satisfying chuckle!


  1. This made me crack up. I love them. lol

    Ahh yes... so too my memories mostly comes from sound or smell. Most not good.

  2. LOL!!! I know what you mean about memories coming from odors! When I smell Old Spice it immediately takes me back to my old high school sweetheart.. first boyfriend!

  3. You have just been posting like crazy these days. I love it! Keep it up it's so fun to read your blog and look at all your pictures!